We take our light from the Sun, and our inspiration from the wind

Clean energy for a clean future

Inspired by nature, Galata Wind's vision is to generate 100% clean energy for a clean future. Galata Wind, with the benefit of the Doğan Group’s more than 60 years of experience, offers the unique power of the sun and the wind to millions of families throughout Turkey. With our commitment to progress, we are investing in new and sustainable energy sources, creating a cleaner future.


This invisible
power shaping the world is creating a better vision for today and tomorrow.

Combining the power of the wind with our vast experience we are creating a powerful collaboration towards the future of energy. The wind doesn't just rotate the turbines, it is also reshaping our future.

Wind Power Plants

Wind, nature’s unique power of transformation, is turned into a renewable energy source using Galata Wind's expertise and is used to serve Turkey and its people.

Working and making investments to make clean energy obtained from Gold Standard certified wind power plants accessible to everyone.


Bandırma – Balıkesir
  • 105 MW of installed capacity.
  • Average annual generation of 330 million kWh
  • 35 Vestas V90 3 MW turbines
  • Average annual carbon emission reduction of 170,000 tons

Mersin WPP

Mut – Mersin
  • 62.7 MW of installed capacity
  • Average annual generation of 215 million kWh
  • One of Turkey’s highest-yielding WPPs
  • 21-MW capacity increase done in 2017
  • 14 Vestas V90 3 MW + 6 Vestas V112 3.45 MW turbines
  • Average annual carbon emission reduction of 110,000 tons

Taşpınar WPP

Nilüfer – Bursa
  • 67.2 MW of installed capacity
  • Average annual generation of 190 million kWh
  • Began operating at the end of 2020 with 14 Nordex N149 4.8 MW turbines
  • Utilizes the Feed-in-Tariff (YEKDEM) as of 2021, 9.4 USDcent/kWh additional local content contribution available
  • Average annual carbon emission reduction of 100,000 tons


Everything on Earth
owes its existence to the sun, our unique energy source that has been shining for 4.6 billion years.

We are inspired by the sun to create a future of clean energy; by generating renewable, sustainable and clean energy for everyone.

Solar Power Plants

Galata Wind produces 100% renewable energy with Gold Standard and VCS certified solar power plants all over Turkey.

It designs solar energy systems for the roofs of houses, schools, workplaces, gas stations and manufacturing plants to generate their own energy.

Çorum SPP

Merkez - Corum
  • 9.4 MW of installed capacity
  • Average annual generation of 14 million kWh
  • Unlicensed project prior to 2018
  • Utilizes the Feed-in-Tariff (YEKDEM)
  • Average annual carbon emission reduction of 7,000 tons

Erzurum SPP

Aziziye – Karayzi – Hinis –Erzurum
  • 24.7 MW of installed capacity
  • Average annual generation of 40 million kWh
  • Unlicensed project after 2018
  • Utilizes the Feed-in-Tariff (YEKDEM)
  • Average annual carbon emission reduction of 20,000 tons


We are shaping Turkey’s future using the power of clean energy

Because what happens today affects what happens in the future, the decisions and investments we make today, will shape the future to come. Under Galata Wind’s Sunflower brand, we are shaping the future not just of our clients, but of the whole of Turkey, with the power of clean energy as we did in times gone by. We remain committed to creating clean, renewable energy and we will continue to invest in the future of energy.

Sunflower Solar

Galata Wind shapes not only the present but also the future with its 100% clean energy

In addition to investing in well-known energy resources, we are shaping our country’s future with new, environmentally-conscious storage and distributed energy technologies through Sunflower.
As part of our journey to become Turkey’s clean energy supplier, Sunflower has set an initial goal of installing a total of 1 MW capacity rooftop PV, starting with an already operational 527 kW installment and offering every home in the country an opportunity to generate its ow clean energy, as well as continuing to provide commercial and industrial solar power systems.
At Galata Wind, we have leveraged the Doğan Group’s power and served as Turkey’s clean energy producer since 2012. During this time, we have transformed Turkey’s natural resources into a source of clean energy, remaining steadfastly committed to the environment and to 100% renewable energy. In all, we have reached a total installed capacity of 269 MW, consisting solely of wind and solar power. Our investments help to reduce carbon emissions by approximately 400,000 tons per year. With our considerable experience, we continue to invest in our country’s future with independent, clean, and environmentally-conscious energy.

We are designing innovative systems and service platforms in order to expand our sustainable energy production.

With its commitment to providing sustainable, 100% clean energy, Galata Wind is creating a new chapter for future generations.